Tour Photographs, Gallery 3 : Connecticut, New York City (Visit #2), Pennsylvania (Part 1)

I still have many photographs from the Jaap Pieters / Evan Lindorff-Ellery / Travis Bird tour, aka The Eye of Amsterdam Super 8 U.S. Tour.

These are from our very brief 2-hour visit back to NYC after our show in Boston, and a short respite in Connecticut at my aunt and uncle’s, and then another stop at my other aunt and uncle’s (go figure) in Pennsylvania. Each stop was very nice and brings back good memories—both being there and getting there. This was in October of 2011.

Haven’t posted any photos in a while, but I’ll start up again. Why the hell not, right ? Enjoy …


Tour Photographs, Gallery 1 : New York City and Vermont

Some photographs from the tour thus far. A few shots en route to NYC, then a stop in the city and then a stop in Middletown Springs, Vermont. Not many pictures of the performances; many of compositionally intriguing scenes, night wanderings in NYC and a few inevitable tourist-shots.