To all those in New Orleans

Unexpected poetry extracted from a letter :

All the best to you all in New Orleans,
the city with small lights like stars.
Shining points,
but colored ones
hanging in trees,
behind leaves,
in the warm
slowly moving air
that softly sits
on secret surfaces,
somewhere in a corner,
or out in the open,
listening to the music

(And please, if you are not in New Orleans, as most people are not, this may be applicable to a variety of other metaphorical situations. Enjoy.)


John Cage, Art

Changes and Disappearances #26 (1979-82)

“Left to itself art would have to be something very simple — it would be sufficient for it to be beautiful. But when it’s useful it should spill out of just being beautiful and move over to other aspects of life so that when we’re not with the art it has nevertheless influenced our actions or our responses.”
John Cage

Tour Photographs, Gallery 2 : Boston / Article on “The Eye of Amsterdam U.S. Tour”

Here is a fine article regarding the films of Jaap Pieters and our performance accompanying them, in Boston, at the venue Spectacle.

In addition to this, see some photographs of the venue, area surrounding, and the Boston trip in general, as well as a family portrait featuring Jaap Pieters, Travis Bird, Evan Lindorff-Ellery, and John Twells of Type Records.