Old perfume bottles and a white wall

I recently visited the New Orleans Museum of Art. Aside from an exceptional collection of contemporary pieces, they also have a lovely collection of old perfume bottles. I can’t for the life of me remember any dates on these, nor can I find any information on this small exhibit. I don’t think any of these are older than, say, 300 years. I could be wrong !  But they are gorgeous, aren’t they ?

And just to round out the gallery, I’ll include a nighttime shot of a white wall with blown-out levels, just because I see a similarity.


A Poem – From the Night, 1

Compositionally interesting :
Thin black grey sheets on red and with a shade of white stripes
Spectrum lost with no less than an exclamation

Too lost
To take
The last part is a remorse
Curved lines on contour forthwilling adherence ; warning for nothing

The fog accumulates in corners
The walls are brushed steel and painted resin
Take it out method nothing ?  Only one window
And it seems just like a lake
Just like a lake. Why ?
The endlessness is no more

It’s a long lake
You can’t see the other side,
No, nothing
Is there
In sight

Items for sale here and on Etsy

I am now selling prints of my drawings and various other artwork by me, here and on the site Etsy.

This is just the beginning, and there will be much more for sale soon. Probably more original art coming up, including some fabric works.

Print shops involved with these images were Sonnenzimmer, Kill Hatsumomo, and Dun-Wel.