Reviews for recent Notice Recordings releases

Some reviews for our recently released tapes. All tapes are still available, but we’ll soon be running out. See Notice Recordings’ shop or Bandcamp to purchase and listen to streaming audio.

Jack Harris & Samuel Rodgers – Primary / Unit 11
Vital Weekly (Frans de Waard)
Just Outside (Brian Olewnick)
Miguel Isaza / Infinite Grain
Paul Margee / We Need No Swords

Chik White – Jaw Works & Behind a Dead Tree on the Shore
Vital Weekly (Frans de Waard)
The Cookshop (Doru Mihail)
Pierre Cécile / Le son du grisli
Raymond Cummings / Cassette Gods
Paul Margee / We Need No Swords

Ben Owen – Birds and Water, 4
Vital Weekly (Frans de Waard)
Just Outside (Brian Olewnick)
Le Son du Grisli (Guillaume Belhomme) (See Travis Bird’s translation here.)
Infinite Grain (Miguel A. García)
Garrison Heck / Cassette Gods
Paul Margee / We Need No Swords

Haptic – Excess of Vision: Unreleased Recordings, 2005-2014
Vital Weekly (Frans de Waard)
Just Outside (Brian Olewnick)
Bill Meyer / Dusted Magazine
Paul Margee / We Need No Swords


The Tea Merchant and His Atmospheres

Adrian Dziewanski over at Scrapyard Forecast has posted a very nice and insightful review of my tape, The Tea Merchant and His Atmospheres. Some of the things he wrote perfectly coincide with how I feel about this collection of sound works, and how they came to fruition. Needless to say, there are many things left unsaid. Of course, they will never be said, and can only be found hidden in the sounds, or in the trails left behind …

– See the review here (with two others about tapes by Ben Owen and Tiny Music)
– Buy the tape here or contact me directly for purchase or other ways to acquire this release

Tour, Other

I will be embarking upon a tour with the label co-owner, Travis Bird, of my cassette label, Notice Recordings. We will be touring with Dutch filmmaker Jaap Pieters, who specialises in the Super-8 format. We will be playing sound and music to accompany his silent films.

The tour dates are as follows :  *UPDATE – Dense Reduction shows*

October 5 & 6 – Anthology Film Archives (Pieters’ films only), New York City
**October 9 – TBA – New York City (No films… Dense Reduction with Ben Owen, Anne Guthrie and Yellow Crystal Star)
October 10 – Dogstar Arts – 277 Spruce Knob Rd, Middletown Springs, Vermont 05757
**October 12O’Briens Pub – 3 Harvard Ave., Allston/Boston, MA 02134 (No films… Dense Reduction with Xela, Veiled, Amobriax and Double Awake)
October 13 – Spectacle – 128 Brookside, Boston, Massachusetts 02130
October 17Melwood Screening RoomPittsburgh Filmmakers – 477 Melwood, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15213
October 19 – Robinwood Concert House – 2564 Robinwood Ave, Toledo, Ohio 43610
October 21 – Cinema Borealis – 1550 N. Milwaukee, Chicago, Illinois 60622
October ?? – TBA, Madison, Wisconsin
October 28 or 29UWM campus, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
In other Notice Recordings news, an email-conducted interview by Foxy Digitalis / Digitalis Industries has been posted on their site: A fine example of how we see things, now.

The Wire magazine has posted two of our tapes on their “Sleeves Received” blog, featuring “gems” received in their “mailbag”. A great, simple blog, highlighting some of the fantastic printing and design work on so many records, CDs, and cassette tapes these days. Here:

Some tapes are still available, specifically the two just announced, so please drop me an email for purchase if you’re interested: noticerecordings [at] gmail [dot] com