DSCN0401_Alt_cropI encourage communication, whether brief or extensive, so please do so if you have any inclination. In the words of BW Diedrich, “contact me, I like email”.

Currently based in Portland, Oregon, although I am originally from Vermont and have lived and travelled in a variety of other places.

All photographs, drawings, and writing by Evan Lindorff-Ellery. Occasionally photographs and text may be from other authors or sites. In that case, credits and/or links will always be given. Photographs have been taken with an old non-phone iPhone, an older cell phone and, just recently, a used Nikon D50.

Links of interest :
Soundcloud (sound work)
Notice Recordings (record label I co-own)

Big Dreams Web (G. Lindorff’s dream/Jungian analyst site)
This Can’t Be Happening (D. Lindorff’s political activist site)
Travis Bird
Just Outside
Scrapyard Forecast
Airforms Archive
Winds Measure Recordings
Compost and Height
Tri-Centric Foundation/Braxton
White Light Study


One thought on “Contact/About/Links

  1. Hey James,

    Yeah, I never got to the bottom of that. It’s a mystery. Well, maybe not a mystery. It’s pretty obvious that there is a way for companies or individuals who are trying to promote something to immediately “Like” something that is tagged as something specific, such as “Art” or “Photography.” It’s just the way it is, I guess.

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