Drawings for sale at Winds Measure Recordings

Four of my drawings are currently being distributed by Winds Measure Recordings’ online shop. They were silk screen printed by the Sonnenzimmer print studio in Chicago a couple years ago, and I am now in the process of exposing their existence. They are printed in dark grey ink on French Smart White Paper, 110#, 8.5″ x 12.5″. Winds Measure is currently the only seller of these drawings.

In related news, Winds Measure’s curator Ben Owen has just released a tape on Notice Recordings entitled Birds and Water, 1. This was also silk screen printed by Sonnenzimmer. It is currently being sold from Notice and is available from us/me … as I am one half of Notice. This tape is an immense C94 recorded at the Experimental Television Studio in upstate New York. It’s a masterful texturally attuned release, taught tense with minuscule interlocking forms. I am honoured to have worked with Ben on this release and also to have shared a bill with him recently in NYC.

Notice Recordings’ original post may be found here.

Please contact me at noticerecordings [at] gmail [dot] com for purchase.


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